About Us


We transform ideas into artworks.

Dekosam Furniture and Decoration, founded in 2009 by Bursa Nilüfer by Mehmet GÜL, who was born in 1985 as a father to son, gives service to your valuable customers with its quality and reliable service understanding. Decosam; It operates in Kitchen-Bath Cabinets, Door and Built-in Cabinets, Stairs (Wooden), Store, Home and Office Decoration areas.

In addition, it produces unique designs suitable for all kinds of places. I Dekosa; so far mainly in Bursa, Turkey in many parts of homes, shops and office decoration work was carried out. In addition, undertakings are undertaken on Wholesale Cooperative Works, Hotel Works, Special Projects.

Our goal as the Decos; firstly customer satisfaction.

Our understanding is to serve quality to all our customers with the right price and service network.

We work harder every day to provide better service to you with our experienced expert staff on your own issues.

Yours sincerely / Mehmet GÜL